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Counselling is provided by female staff who are qualified, trained and experienced in working safely with people affected by rape and sexual abuse, and work using a ‘trauma informed approach’. This means we understand how the trauma of rape and sexual abuse can affect a person and how it may impact on you and your day to day life.

Counselling will be personalised to you and your needs at the time, as each person may experience similar feelings as a result of rape and sexual abuse, but no experiences and resulting needs in counselling will ever be the same.

What happens if I want counselling but I am under 10 years of age?
Information for parents/carers/teachers

We would signpost you to Embrace CVOC who specialise in helping children, young people and families who are victims 0f  serious crime. More information can be found at

Listening, believing and supporting

How do I get support?
Often the first point of contact is through our telephone support line. Some people are referred to us by others such as family members, friends, doctors, the police or support workers. The support line is
0300 365 1045
Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm – 24hr answer machine – LGBTQI friendly

What happens when I call?
Trained and experienced people will listen, offer information and emotional support. You will not be asked nor expected to talk about the crimes you or others may have experienced. We do not ask for your personal details at this stage unless you wish to give them.

We will listen, offer advice but not tell you what to do.

If calling our support line number, your call will be free and not appear on your phone bill

What if the support line is shut when I call?
If you call outside our hours you will reach a message explaining when the line is next open. You can leave your details if you wish to be called back but only leave a number if it is safe to do so.If you need to speak to someone when the Hope Programme support line is shut you can call:

Rape Crisis England and Wales: 0808 802 9999
They are open every day of the year. 12 – 2.30pm and 7 – 9.30pm

Survivors UK for victims of male rape and sexual abuse. Offer a confidential chat line. Contact by text or Whats App: SMS – 0203 322 1860. What’s App 074 9181 6064

Samaritans: 116 123 They are open 24 hours every day of the year

The Hope Programme is a confidential service.
We don’t trace calls, so unless you give us identifying information (such as your full name you will remain anonymous.

We will only break confidentiality if:

  • you request us to
  • you’ve given us identifying information, and you’re an adult in need of care and support, and we’re concerned for your safety
  • you are a child at risk, or you are giving us identifying information about a child at risk. We will discuss this with you first and we will remind you, before you give us identifying information, of our duty under Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Legislation.

How long will it take to recover?
Our counselling service is effective and beneficial. Each person is unique so it is impossible to say how long your recovery, as far as is possible, may take. This will be discussed with you at your first appointment which is an assessment by a highly experienced counsellor. We find that most people feel able to move forward from counselling,  but the timing varies for each person. More sessions are offered to you if agreed by you and your counsellor.

Do I have to pay for the counselling and support?
Services are totally free to clients.

Where does counselling take place?
Due to current guidelines all counselling sessions are conducted via Zoom or telephone